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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  June 30, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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millions across the mid atlantic in the dark tonight violence storms, the east now the damage is done a new threat grows and s u v slams into an east bay ice-cream shop at painful memory of a deadlocked deadly crash three months ago points of major political contention jobs and health care makes in oakland teared i'm ann notorangelo. 13 people dead from overnight storms from the midwest to the mid atlantic state of emergency declared in four states and washington d.c.. daniel nottingham shows us millions are without power in
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the summer heat. powerful storms and rip trees across the mid-atlantic states. the win came from the southwest and took this roof of the building of forecasters would storms with hurricane force winds move from it west to east coast leaving a path of destruction. the wind will rep the siting of buildings and took down power lines leaving 3 million people without power. a state of emergency declared in virginia and washington d.c. power may not be restored for days, the temperatures could hit triple digit sunday. trees blocked roads through out washington dc making travel difficult in nearby falls church virginia residents woke up to trees on their homes and cars.
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in bethesda, md. damage dollar on the golf course at congressional country club in tiger woods and other players in the third round of the at&t national, play was delayed six hours saturday and tournament officials banned spectators because of dangerous conditions. danielle nottingham cbs news. new details on the wildfires in colorado, crews say they make progress that they now have a largest of the wild fire firefighters 30 percent contained. many evacuees have been allowed to return to their homes. national guardsmen from california and other states have been deployed to assist colorado law enforcement. i hope that we can return some service to nine affected areas of the city in the fire could burn for
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another three weeks. she wanted to go backwards it turns out it was a costly mistake at driver crashed into an ice cream store in concord it happened at a baskin robbins on oak grove road. the crash brought back memories of our recent deadly accident down the street. in and understandable reaction saturday morning a toyota camry driven by this woman crest into this ice cream store. a lot of times people will accelerate instead of the break, this is the result the store is not yet open for business but an employee making cakes suffered minor injuries when the car struck a counter. your pet constantly have to keep your head on the pad that neighbors are shaken over
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the death of a concord man and his daughter the pair were struck and killed by an s u v on this and blocked as the ice cream shop. that the male driver escaped without injuries when they back the carmel within the structure that found out was damaged crews are working to repair it looks like a broken window and actually a been a. something can happen you never know you let's get the car it doesn't look like very much damage she was not hurt she was disoriented and not sure how the collision occurred. shall have to go to dmv can talk to them never sure she's ok to drive concord's building inspector has been called in to assess the damage the owner of the shopping complex told cbs 5 he has no
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idea when the shop will be open. france of a missing los angeles dodgers fans last seen in san francisco are stepping up their search for him. the left at&t park on monday night and walk in their peers 32 when he vanished. the coast guard searched and found nothing and the search was called off tuesday and today his friends handed out flyers and hired a boat to look for clues. we have the finances to run a boat for about eight hours we also have friends with boats that are launching from emory bell dozens of volunteers what the waterfront. in and get health care and unemployment to of the biggest problems across the country and in poor communities they are related and that of it shows us
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health and job fair brought help to people in east oakland. most people don't have insurance because the don't have jobs this job fair in oakland hopes to remedy both. i at the screening for high blood pressure and diabetes the supreme court approval of the new health-care law is given hope to people a salon have to come to if there's them and screening services. that is once they understand the new rules i'm not too informed of that knows just feel the mainstream path to care is not available to them. and then make copayments there are paying huge enormous bills this there is not about
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health care and it's also about finding employment the two go hand in hand. and if you're not help the can't get up and go to work mentally ya have to have a mind set like i'm doing to us and look good so i can get up in the morning and go to work. i'm not sure at this moment but hopefully i can afford and go get insurance anne mackovic cbs 5 more on how the supreme court ruling affects you, lot on to cbs s f dot com. city college of san francisco faces an evaluation of budget concerns and its accreditation could be in jeopardy according to the chronicle the colleges under fire for not following budget recommendations. with sharp cuts in state funding a college cut
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administrative positions while maintaining faculty the state said it was a lack of fiscal oversight the accreditation board evaluations made recommendations to bring expenses in line. shares of each jet has its first democratically elected president his words to israel and palestine. its not something you eat every day and a delicacy that will soon be of not able to sell in the state 40 niners linebacker off- season activities grabbing headlines. he things warm up or 3 to 6 degrees warmer today and the all-important forecast coming up durin
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animal rights activists in san francisco protest in a dinner that is soon to be and out like delicacy tomorrow it is
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illegal to produce and sell for a crime in california. theresa garcia has more. california's top chefs gather in one kitchen fighting for the right to surf foie gras it is not something you eat every day those days about day and as of july 1st california becomes the first day to ban the production and sale of the delicacy the countdown has set off a frenzy chefs organizing dinner fund-raisers to overturn the law and on like to be restricted it comes from the fact and lever of ducks and geese. animal rights activists have fought to ban it for years and california gave restaurants and foie gras producers notice the band was the lead for eight years, now the only farm is
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closing down and in the final days the debate has not let up. they rammed metal pipes down the throats of ducks to enlarge the livers. mike understanding is that ducks do not feel the pain the chef police the delicacy will be back it's not like you can replace it with something else it has happened before chicago allied the delicacy in 2006 but the ban lasted less than two years. theresa garcia los angeles california has a host of other new laws in effect tomorrow and a law not st. and or else in the nation use car leaders used car dealers need to flag used cars as jaunt. two new laws that discourage a
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bullying what prevention training. mohammed morrissey and sworn in as the new president of egypt he is the nation's first freely elected leader he reassured israel his administration will honor the international treaty but a pledge support for what he calls the legitimate rights of palestine he succeeds hosni mubarak who was overthrown last year. former israeli prime minister has died and he served as prime minister in the 1980's and 1990's. he served during the first gulf war. he remained shooting his believes that israel must and onto its territory and never trust in muslim regime. he was 96. or about three to 66 degrees
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warmer from yesterday the entire forecast just ahead.
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as swimmer has crossed the halfway mark in their attempt to be the first woman to swim unassisted from cuba to florida. she has jellyfish stings but otherwise encountering perfect conditions. chill dough into the record books to be the first woman to make the swim without the aid of a shark cage. brian hackney is here. beautiful day in the bay, we
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have fog and low clouds along the shore line numbers and then 79 at concord, 60 degrees livermore at 78, it is windy winds up 216 miles per hour wendy and cooler today cooler tomorrow, fog and low clouds will be there, a run on the bay it will take awhile for low clouds to form, we talked about the weather batiste d.c. expects 100 degrees tomorrow. 92 man hand. read our shows with it wouldn't give for a little cool pacific fog. this front will bring temperatures down to about 3-6
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degrees, nevertheless is still relatively warm inland shoreline in the mid 50s and if it is for the day, that is tomorrow morning, letter in the day things warm up. for future cast mostly clear skies, but you can see the fog and low clouds pack and, until noon-, then it clears inland but you can see on the peninsula plenty of fog. for sunday look for mostly sunny skies except along shoreline. on monday, morning clouds at the airport high of 69, if we're going to los angeles 73, denver at 95 chicago and 90. thunderstorms for chicago on monday.
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57 at san jose, everybody in the fifties tonight for the most part eureka had rain. it forecast were looking at coastal clouds, he for tomorrow and 84 fairfield 79 livermore, will come down a little tomorrow monday and tuesday we go up a little bit. the usual low clouds along the shoreline. no big changes with temperatures. he chisholm at 49ers storm allegedly attacked and the giants and oakland target today in what is up with that? when
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baseball on top, the reds' player makes no bones about it it is unlike anything about and he showed paid as the padres and again for cincinnati barry bonds was there among the 42,000 barry zito in trouble in the fourth bases loaded that what forces and a run. he walked three in the inning
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and six in the game. here's a liner to brendan crawford for the out, and a double play it is still one- zero, same score in the seventh pablo sandoval at full extension he gloves of for that out. the next batter he gets through he drove home the run to make it 2-0 that was enough. struck out seven and pitched a second straight complete game. the giants when half-game ahead of dodgers. the giants have six or maybe seven legitimate candidates for the all-star game during all of a shot to get selected it is announced tomorrow morning at
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11:00 a.m.. alden smith was stabbed last night at an east san jose house party where two others were shot the 49ers released a statement that smith is recovering from minor injuries that would not confirm that smith was at the party. these storms in d.c. toward on dozens of trees and cause serious damage at congressional the at&t national was delayed six hours and fans not allowed on the grounds. tiger woods has a chip in on six goes in for birdie. it put him one shot off the lead. he grabs ahold of the lead with a birdie he has a one-shot lead, including over tiger woods. andy roddick looks strong and the first set. product on the first set, and then fell apart in the next three.
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there's a screaming the liner. serena williams lost the first set she had a record 23 aces, and she won 9-7, last night at the swimming trials scott wells and pulled off a stunner in the 200 m breast stroke he was born in san jose and and when to uc- davis he finished first to secure a spot on the olympic team. his first trip to the olympics. relic car drivers completed and elkhorn slough: 52 mi. an hour, the track is longer than two
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football fields. you had to see it again. me with the troops from alameda county's finest. the time is now all the hard work of a turning has led to this day you can get done, and you can get done, go out there and show them what you can do. i think they are ready. these dogs are vicious only
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on command. 80 canine teams will appear at pet express' locations in the bay area to raise money to support the canine programs when you don't wear the bite suit they are calm little puppies. she was trying to rip me to shreds. the dog is coming at you are you scared? of course i am. they teach you to brace yourself you don't want to get knocked down. if you get knocked down they might go for more than just the arm how much of the judge how do you feel? you feel about 30 percent of it. that's it for eyewitness news at 530 will see you in half an hour goodnight.
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